Guidelines for Requesting Support

L’Aiglon Foundation strives to maximize the impact of its charitable giving over a wide spectrum of organizations and groups. The following guidelines will help you prepare your request for support, and outlines the timeline in which we review and respond to requests.

Who Should Apply

A Letter of Intent should be submitted on the organization’s letterhead and signed by a member of the board of directors or an officer of the organization. Documents should be mailed to:

L’Aiglon Foundation
P.O. Drawer B
Kingsville, TX 78364

Your letter should contain specific information related to the desired use of the grant, including: an outline of your program, the measurable results which can be achieved with funding, and an estimate of the number of people directly impacted by your project's objective.

Please also include copies of:

  • The organization's charter and bylaws.
  • The organization's IRS tax exemption letter.
  • A detailed budget of the organization and the specific project including other sources of funding, whether committed, conditional or potential. 
  • Financial statements (including income and expenses) for the past two-years. Organizations with an annual budget of $100k or more should provide a CPA prepared or audited financial statement.
  • A current list of the organization's Board of Directors.

Funding Deadlines

L'Aiglon Foundation approves grants on a rolling calendar and has no set application deadlines. Our fiscal year runs Oct. 1 - Sep. 30.

Notes for Applicants

Our grants are usually awarded to public charities, but have no geographical restrictions; we target our funding in the areas of education, environment, and cultural arts. Grant recipients should have concrete objectives and measurable results.

A condition of the grant is the obligation to provide a follow-up report detailing the progress made within the program or project. Follow-up reports should be submitted within six-months of grant approval.

Grants usually range from $500 to $7,500.

Conciseness and clarity are strongly preferred in applications over elaborate or expensive formats.


L’Aiglon Foundation does not approve funding for the following:

  • Individuals seeking funds for personal, business or other use
  • Start-up costs for nonprofits, businesses, groups or individuals
  • Debt Reduction
  • Organizations with a mission outside of our areas of focus

Approval Process 

Once received, the Foundation's Directors will review and discuss the application. The length of the review process varies, but responses are usually provided within 90 days.  If your organization is not selected for funding, you may reapply for funding next fiscal year.