Colibri Grants is dedicated to putting money directly into the classrooms of primary-level public school educators to help build an enriching, vibrant, and engaging classroom experience for students.

Our goal is to provide relief from the out-of-pocket expenses classroom teachers are incurring in the school year.

Since it was created in 2014, the program has issued grants to
478 classrooms in several states across the country.

Download a PDF outlining the program details.

Application Process

  1. School Administrators must first request an application code to pre-qualify their campus online by providing the school’s contact information, select demographic information, and Taxpayer ID number.

  2. Once we review and verify your information, we will contact you and provide a distributable flyer for your faculty which includes your unique school code.

  3. Faculty members apply directly for grants, using our faculty application. We use the school code to match faculty applications to school locations and tax ID numbers.

Who Should Apply

  • Colibri Grants are open to all primary-level public school teachers.
  • Applicants must be classroom teachers, support staff, and classroom-aides will not be considered.

Application Deadlines

  • Applications are accepted year-round, but award letters and checks are processed in the third-quarter of each year.

Notes for Applicants

  • Grants are awarded by lottery, based on financial need, as determined by the percentage of the students enrolled in the federal free and reduced lunch program and by the number of students served. In addition, special consideration is given to first-year teachers.
  • Grants usually range from $250 to $400.
  • If you are not selected for funding, you may apply again in the next school year.

Approval Process

  • Colibri Grant applications are reviewed by the Program Directors.
  • Grant recipients will be notified by mail or email.


To qualify your school, we will ask you to share the following information:

  1. Percentage of students qualifying for the Federal free/reduced student lunch program.
  2. Last year's total student enrollment.
  3. Last year's total faculty count.
  4. The budgeted amount you currently provide to faculty for classroom supplies.
  5. Your Federal Tax ID number.


If you've received a flyer from your school Administrator to apply for a classroom grant, and you know your school application code, click below to submit your information; we will request:

  1. Your contact information and school application code.
  2. Last year's classroom enrollment.
  3. A (rough) estimate of what you spend out-of-pocket on classroom supplies.
  4. A (very) brief description how you could use an additional $250-400 in the classroom.